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Some of your lovely comments from your experiences at Super+Super.

Jane via email – I thought your crochet class was brilliant, all my friends can’t believe we learnt so much in one short evening (proved by my crochet piece). It was lovely having tea and biscuits too. I wish you all the success for the future, and may be I’ll attend another class sometime.

Hen party attendee Cassie via email – I didn’t know too much about what we were going to be doing, except that it was going to be something craft-y, and I was a bit worried that it was going to be…mumsy? But it was really, really cool. The building has a great atmosphere and the two of you were really welcoming and your enthusiasm was really clear. Everything was fantastic – I have to say, I’m really impressed that it’s also a new venture for the two of you. The fact that you’re brand new, and we were one of your first hen parties was exciting, but it didn’t show at all, and everything was so smooth I would never have guessed that you were new to this.

Donna via Google + – Super + Super is THE creative hotspot for makers, designers, fashionistas and musos. A great place to hang out, learn a new skill and drink tea from the urn.

Hen party attendee Annabel via email – The delicious afternoon tea was a highlight; especially the pig biscuits especially made for us! The food was delicious and there was a great range and plenty of it. I thought the vintage tea cups etc. were a nice touch. Also, bring your own booze with free corkage is a handy addition for parties.

Lawrence via facebook – Thanks for an awesome tea towel night. Really saw some amazing designs and had a great time. Cheers.

Emma via facebookThanks to Super=Super and for teaching me how to hairpin crochet….i’m working on my first creation using the technique! Who said crochet had to be for grannies? Hehe xxx

Rachel via facebook – Thank you so much for the wonderful hand embroidery class tonight, learnt so much and practising more now home. Will show you the results on Friday nights stitch and bitch. Highly recommend it to all.

Rachel M via facebook – Hello ladies. Just wanted to say I had a fantastic time this evening at Stitch & Bitch, really great atmosphere and environment. You guys are doing an awesome job. Rxo

Inside Magazine via Twitter@supersuperHQ – Craft, classes, studios, coworking & networking in Brighton. Lovely things in an inspiring environment.

Tracey via Twitterhad an amazing night drinking tea, meeting lovely people and screen printing tea towels @supersuperHQ

Rachel via Twitter Some great advice from @supersuperHQ. Lots of hints and tips on starting a craft business. Plenty of tea, cake and can do attitude.

What you sow via Twitter – Brilliant evening learning all about the challenges and thrills of launching a business with @supersuperhqand @craftaganza. Truly Inspiring.

Lyndsey via emailThe past few months I’ve really learnt the value of surrounding yourself with people who get you. I’m so glad that I have got to know you two such positive, encouraging and upbeat individuals. Claire + Amy + Super + Super = FAB!

Lucy via emailI think I love your website. I thoroughly enjoy everything you are about and each of the services you provide; what a lovely idea.

Lynne via emailFirst of all, hello and a big well done! I moved to Brighton a few months ago and have been struggling to find what I want here. I still travel to London so much that I’m not here as much as I could but I certainly have not found the kind of space/community I was hoping for. It sounds like you might just be doing that!

Owen via Google+ – I can thoroughly recommend this place! We had a great time at Super + Super. We went to see excellent live music and had a great time afterwards being crafty and making dreamcatchers and pom poms. Everyone is really friendly, they really know their stuff and their enthusiasm rubs off on you. I hear their other evenings are great too.

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