Introducing some of the Super+Super Studio members:

Simon Lewis:

What are your Super Super Skills?

Writing hand-crafted PHP code best suited to the task in hand.

Taming the Moodle elearning platform.

Producing technical documents in a readable and understandable format, for non-technical audiences.

Consulting on the suitability of  technical specifications.

Describe your Dream Client…

One that I work with, not just for, and allows me leeway to steer the project in potentially exciting new directions.

What is your favourite tea and cake combo?

Though it’s neither tea, or strictly cake… Cinnamon buns and an Americano.



Fran Swaine:

What are your Super Super Skills?

My super skills are helping businesses better connect and communicate through digital media. Whether that’s in the form of copywriting to ensure businesses get the right messages across on their website or helping them to create and implement a digital marketing strategy. Some of my clients want regular help with strategy and delivery and others choose to have an injection of my expertise in a particular area such as social media.  I specialise in working with small to medium sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Describe your Dream Client…

I love working with companies that are passionate about what they do and as a result inspire me to feel that passion too. A dream client should make me think “Yes! I get to work on this project today!’ when I wake up in the morning.

What is your favorite tea and cake combo?

Earl Grey and a battenberg. In fact anything covered with marzipan.


Twitter: @franswaine


Alan Stockdale:

What are your Super Super Skills?

Dynamic Video Production

Describe your Dream Client?

Open minded with an open cheque book

What is your favorite tea and cake combo?

Earl Grey & Carrot Cake




Patrick Knowles:

What are your super super skills?

My Super Super Skills are book cover design including hand-lettering, calligraphy, photography, illustration and 3D-modelling; also make cracking tea and buy donuts/biscuits/cake from time to time

Describe your dream client:

My Dream Client would be one that allows me to think creatively and not straight-jacket me into a way of producing something; who gives me a decent brief and reasonable amount of time to do it; who pays well, of course.

What’s your favourite tea and cake combo?

My favourite tea and cake combo is builder’s with Belgian chocolate cake or one of Super+Super’s Victorian sponges – or any S+S cake/scone/whatever creation for that matter.

Introducing the Super+Super tutors:

Anna Rank

After 5 years in Berlin, Domino – DIY aka Anna Rank is moving to Brighton to run sewing workshops for all things baby and kid related. With exclusively designed patterns ranging from dungarees to leggings, hobby horses to musical stars, changing mats to purses, you are sure to find something to suit your level and taste. The courses are open to anyone whether you have never sat at a sewing machine before, or have been stitching all your life and Anna can advise on suitable projects to begin with. Anna is running drop in workshops running on Monday mornings from 10 – 1 as well as Tuesday night workshops each week (more details on her website or our ‘whats on’ page). And the great thing is that you can bring your baby with you. As long as they are not yet on the move (too many attractive pins around) then you can sew with them in a sling or have them lying in the comfy baby zone which is full of soft toys and blankets. These courses are an opportunity for you to learn something new or perhaps brush up on old skills, but most importantly to do something creative for a few hours each week and make some friends whilst you are at it. For more information, to have a look at what you can make or to book a place on a course then visit: or email

Zoe Edwards

Zoe Edwards is a sewing obsessive who believes that making and/or remaking your own clothes is better for your soul and the planet. She runs a popular sewing blog ( that documents her explorations into sewing sustainably with style. She is the creator of online annual sewing challenges called Me-Made-May in which participants pledge to wear their own creations each day for the duration of the month.  Since moving to Brighton two years ago, Zoe has also been organising Brighton Craftaganza (, a regular contemporary craft and handmade market that provides a platform for local designer-makers to sell their work. Zoe will be running classes on how to make vests and knickers and an ‘Introduction to Commercial Sewing Patterns’ which will be invaluable to any beginner sewer looking to become a confident dress maker.

Tom of Holland

Tom is probably the most patient designer/maker you will ever meet. His work looks at the history and meaning behind garments and our relationship to them as the wearer. Best known for his Visible Mending Programme (VMP) Tom uses darning, patching and weaving techniques to give a new lease of life to damaged and over-loved garments in the most visually spectacular way. Join Tom of Holland and explore the lost art of mending.

Georgia Novis

Georgia Novis is a printed textile designer, who graduated from the Royal College of Art with an M.A. in printed textiles. She co runs her own knitted and printed accessories label, Florrie, as well as working as a freelance designer from her Brighton based studio. Georgia’s work is inspired by taking ideas from fashion, vintage textiles including lace applique and prints, especially from the Art Deco period, and subverting those ideas to produce and create something that is modern and unique. Georgia will be running regular introductory screen printing workshops using a stencilling technique onto tea towels and other useful items.

Jessica Melville-Brown

Jessica Melville-Brown is a Bristol based enamel designer.  She combines metal, glass and fire to create large scale sculptures, enamel installations, tiles and jewellery.  Jessica is inspired by natural forms, origami style creations, cobalt colours and Japanese folk art.  The finish to each piece of her work is industrial yet sleek and fragile.  Her work has recently been featured on the BBC’s ‘Handmade Revolution’ where she represents enamelling, and flies the flag for craft making workshops in the UK.  Jessica will be hosting enamelling workshops, teaching a vast range of techniques in jewellery and tile enamel.  Watch your work transform in the kiln, ready to take home at the end of the workshop.