Enamelling Workshops with Jessica Melville Brown

22 Sep

Jessica Melville-Brown is a Bristol based enamel designer.  She combines metal, glass and fire to create large scale sculptures, enamel installations, tiles and jewellery.

Jessica is inspired by natural forms, origami style creations, cobalt colours and Japanese folk art.  The finish to each piece of her work is industrial yet sleek and fragile.  Her work has recently been featured on the BBC’s ‘Handmade Revolution’ where she represents enamelling, and flies the flag for craft making workshops in the UK.

Jessica will be hosting enamelling workshops, teaching a vast range of techniques in jewellery and tile enamel at Super+Super HQ starting this September!  Watch your work transform in the kiln, ready to take home at the end of the workshop. www.jessicasjewellery.com

Her first class is Wednesday 3rd October 7 til 9pm and spaces are limited! The class costs £30 per person which includes all materials and refresments.

For more info and to book a spot on this super exciting new workshop email us or drop call 01273 773910.

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