Pearl and the Beard – An acoustic gig at Brighton’s craft hub

26 Jul

This weekend just gone was possibly one of the most magical at S+S HQ to date. Not only did the sun beam down at a scorchio 26 degrees, but Pearl and the Beard rocked up to 7 Kings Rd and blew our minds with their stunning vocals and sheer crafty skills! Our first live music event, we were super excited when the band, from Brooklyn, contacted us to work some creative magic during their tour of the UK. Thanks to our very own Sophie Madeleine who hooked us up good!

If you get the chance to catch any of their UK dates you must go! They captivated us with a combination of heart wrenching lyrics in stunning vocal harmonies, and then good old stomping wailing clapping dancing tunes. Even staying after to assist our guests making several giant dream catchers! Their gig the following night at Green Door Store was totally fantastic. So much Joy, such an amazingly talented musical outfit, and the most lovely bunch of people we have met in a long time.

Lets all raise a Pimm’s to Pearl and the Beard. Jocelyn, Emily and Jeremy… come back soon x

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