Ladies Like Us

17 Apr

It’s fair to say that setting up Super+Super HQ has been more than a ‘bit’ hectic for us and it has been known that at times we haven’t washed our hair for 5 days running, our nails look like we’ve become labourers, make up has become a thing of the past (unless the previous nights make up counts?! Classy I know..) and our sense of style has suddenly become even more ‘freestyle’ that it was before (borderline insane in fact).

Baring this in mind, it makes us EVEN MORE excited to tell you about our upcoming workshop in May ‘Ladies Like Us’. Ladies like Us is a collaboration between Bethanie Lunn – author of ‘The Modern Girls Guide to Fabulousness’ and the ‘How to cook in High Heels’ gals, Korin Nolan and Sasha Parker. Aimed at busy women it offers advice and inspiration on how to look great and feel wonderful all within tight time constraints. This is literally music to our poorly accessorised ears.

Focusing on food, fashion, fitness and beauty, this 2 hour workshop will literally cover all bases and you will leave armed with lots of fabulous tips, advice and ideas on how to be a modern day multitasking woman who aspires to ooze style. AMEN TO THAT.

The class is divided into four main areas opening with a mini masterclass on how to walk in high heels (well, we weren’t born with the skill were we?!), a pilates session that you can incorporate into your everyday life, a fun foodie session with ideas that are nutritious and quick and then ending with a diagnosis of your bodyshape complete with insider tips to help you dress for your shape so you can indeed look and feel fabulous!

Can you think of a more girl power way to spend your Saturday afternoon? We can’t wait!

The workshop is on Saturday 12th May 2012 starting at 1pm until 3pm and tickets are £40 per person. So be sure to snap yours up quick. Full details of the schedule can be found below:


How to walk in high heels with Bethanie Lunn:

Walking correctly in high heels all starts with your posture and finding your centre of gravity. Just one class will correct your posture, offer you insider secrets and see your confidence rocket!

Areas covered include:

Posture analysis and posture correction
Finding your ‘centre of gravity’
Easy exercises to continue at home to strengthen your core
Exercises to help improve your balance
Walking stance
Insider tips on making shoes as comfortable as possible, preparing the shoe and
protecting your tootsies
Confidence boosting tips

This is great for any person with a love of heels and all things girly or for women who love to wear high heels to work but need a helping hand in making them more comfortable, so it’s easier to dash around from meeting to meeting and last in them all day!

Pilates with Korin Nolan:

Pilates is the favoured technique by hordes of celebrities as well as sassy women in the know. Why? Because it works. Pippa Middleton showed off her perfect derrière in that dress and Sarah Jessica Parker has reaped the benefits for years ….and we’ve all envied her tiny toned frame as much as her extensive wardrobe in Sex in the City! So if you’ve not yet been hooked to the phenomenon that will streamline, shape and change your body to your desire, then it’s about time you were!

This will consist of quick and easy no-sweat Pilates exercises that can fit around your life; sitting at your desk, in the car, or done last thing at night whilst watching TV.

In fact these exercises are so adaptable and ‘do-anywhere’ that you can even have a go whilst sitting in your chairs for the appropriate ones.

How to Cook in High Heels with Sasha and Korin:

Our ethos is simple; quick, easy and accessible homemade food with a good helping of glamour thrown in for good measure!

In this part of the seminar our emphasis will be on healthy and nutritious food for the modern day woman. So easy to prepare breakfasts, lunches and snacks that can be eaten on the go, taken to work , or thrown together at home for a super quick, nutritious lunch with the girls. All designed for the modern day woman who leads a busy life but still wants to look and feel fabulous.

For each recipe we will address why we are using the select ingredient and what their health benefits are. Including looking at which foods are good for losing weight, what foods help to stabilise blood sugar levels so that we feel fuller for longer, which foods give us energy and many more besides.

You will come away armed with new ideas and recipes that will transform your mind, body and soul helping you to feel more energised and look fabulous. And yes of course we will give you a recipe sheet so that you don’t forget them!

How to dress for your shape with Bethanie Lunn:

This segment of the class offers a quick ‘diagnosis’ of the six different body shapes Bethanie has identified that every woman can relate to. Whether hour glass, rectangle, pear or otherwise, Bethanie will help you recognise your shape and then show you some clever tricks to dressing for it – complete with insider tricks to help you celebrate your best bits and camouflage any areas you feel aren’t your best bits!

Sounds ace doesn’t it! Basically a couple of hours for you to focus on YOU and then leave ready to style out those busy schedules. To book your place email us on, call 01273 773910 or pop in to the HQ.

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  1. bornattwentyfive April 17, 2012 at 2:30 pm #

    Gosh! this sounds like an awesome Workshop! I wish I could make it:(

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