A Q&A for Ladies Like Us

26 Mar

For our next installment of Q&A’s we are very excited to introduce you to a collective of ladies called ‘Ladies Like Us’. These lovely gals will be doing some amazing fashion, food, fitness and beauty events with us in the future and we are so excited to be working with them!

Bethanie Lunn - Author of The Modern Girl's Guide to Fabulousness. Image by http://www.stevestensonphotography.com

Korin and Sasha - Authors of How to Cook in High Heels

Tell us a little bit about you.

Ladies Like Us a collaborative approach between Bethanie Lunn, stylist and author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness with Sasha Parker and Korin Nolan, food and fitness specialsits and authors of How to Cook in High Heels. Together, these fun, refreshing yet informative women teach other busy women with classes, tutorials and videos concentrating on four main areas: food, fashion, fitness and beauty.

Where do you draw the inspiration for your work from?

B: All around me! Real women inspire me after all, I am one! I love turning to the streets as much as I do the catwalks for style ideas and having over 11 years experience in the fashion and beauty industry has taught me a wealth of knowledge including some amazing insider tips and ideas from all sorts of people!

K: I love watching chefs prepare recipes on TV, reading recipes in magazines or tasting something new in a restaurant and then trying to recreate it in my kitchen at home with my own little twist making it easier and more do-able, with ingredients I already have in my cupboard.

S: Growing up, helping in my nans kitchen was mandatory! I used to love watching my nan and granddad throw ingredients together and it has definitely made me more experimental.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

B: determined, loving and optimistic.

K: ambitious, fun loving and emotional at times!

S: Loud, full of drive and just plain old happy!

How do you take your tea?

B: Builders- strong with 1 sugar please!

K: not too strong, milk, no sugar

S: milky with 1 and half sugars

What encouraged you to get into your fields and what was your route into it?

B: I knew I wanted to write from age 7 when I wrote my first book (ok, it was 10 pages long but that’s a novel at that age!) It was called The Green Cat and my teacher was so proud, she had it bound. I was always interested in fashion and beauty too which started supporting my sister backstage at her shows and shoots during her career as an international fashion model. I picked up so many amazing insider tips this way!

K: I’m a Gemini; a typical communicator, plus I love being creative, thinking outside the box and not necessarily following a traditional route in life. The mad media world suits me perfectly! There’s nothing I love more than being in front of the camera, it makes me feel alive.

S: I’m a born entertainer, I love making people laugh and having lots of fun. I love being over the top at times and nothing fazes me at all, if the people at the next table were taking a picture, i’d probably still smile just incase I was in the back ground :)

How do you like your eggs?

B: Sunny side up. If the yolk doesn’t run when I dip in my soldier, I’m incredibly disappointed! My fave though is eggs royale, yum yum!

k: Scrambled cooked with chopped tomatoes and fresh parsley

s: Poached with salmon

Who are some of your favorite designers/artists/illustrators/authors?

B: Tom Ford for his entrepreneurial spirit, Mary Katrantzou for her quirkiness. Si Scott for his vision. Edward Monkton for the humour. Me, Korin and Sasha as authors. Ha ha!

K: I’m a high street kinda girl ad live in Top Shop, although I’ve just got my hands on a beautiful Prada bag which is my current pride and joy! As for authors, I agree with Beth!

S: Can’t not agree with the girls on the authors side of things, and in terms of fashion I kind of just do my own thing and not tend to really have any favourties. If I like something I like it regardless.

What would your dream outfit be?

B: Marilyn Monroe meets Sarah Jessica Parker at a Mad Hatters tea party so think glamorous but playful and fun. A tutu skirt with a plain quirky slogan tee that flatters my curves, sky scraper Charlotte Olympia hees and a classic Mulberry tote!

K: A long sleek evening dress that skims my curvy bits, nips me in at the waist and gives me a cleavage to die for…. oh and accompanied by some expensive jewels ..

S: A knee length number thats fairly tight but yes nipping in at the waist, elegant and classy with massive heels!

What can the public expect from your upcoming events at Super+Super?

K,S & B: To come away armed with lots of fabulous tips, advice and ideas on how to be a modern day multitasking woman who aspires to ooze style and gorgeousness!

What’s your favourite cake?

B: chocolate brownies or red velvet cupcakes. It’s a tough call.

K: Banana and Walnut – I love wholesome flavours that are still a bit naughty

S: a good chocolate cake with a creamy centre

How would you spend your perfect day in our fair city?

B: Breakfast al fresco on George Street followed by browsing the charity shops and independents in Hove before visiting one of the quirky coffee houses in The Lanes and getting lost! Admiring the Pavillion and listening to live music in the gardens, oysters and prosecco at English’s then glam cocktails at Merkaba myhotel and ending the night on the beach at So Bar!

K: I haven’t spent a lot of time in Brighton, but I remember this fabulous little cake shop that I can’t remember the name of but I would definitely like to try and find again – so I would look for that!

S: I’ve not been to Brighton so i’d do as much as possible. I’ve heard you guys can get pretty wild in the evenings so be sure to find me in a good bar after my sight seeing.

What’s next for Ladies Like Us?

We want to inspire women across the world and help them look and feel their best and give them the cheats guide to living a full, modern life whilst finding time for number one minus the guilt! We will be hosting classes and events across the UK with Brighton being our first followed by webinars. Our dream is to bring this inspiration, fun and education to your TV screens! See you soon xxx

Bethanie Lunn is Editor of The Modern Girl’s Guide; the popular ezine and classes for women who want to stay in the know.
Author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Fabulousness (published by Book Guild). Available to buy from
www.amazon.co.uk and all good book stores.
Please see www.TheModernGirlsGuide.co.uk
Sasha & Korin are authors of ‘How to cook in High Heels’. Available to buy from www.amazon.co.uk. See http://www.howtocookinhighheels.co.uk/

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