How to: make an embroidered iPhone case

17 Mar

Inspired by brightly coloured and highly ornate Mexican Sugar Skulls this project is the perfect crafty way to personalise your phone.

You will need:

A perforated plastic phone/iphone case aka hard mesh snap on case (who’d have known!) These can be found easily on Amazon for approx. £2

A sharp embroidery needle with a medium sized eye, and a selection of brightly coloured sewing and embroidery threads (floss)

This project uses 2 embroidery stitches… running stitch and cross stitch.

Start from the outside working a row of running stitch around the very edge as a border. These cases are great because you can only stitch through a hole! Knot the very end of your thread and in an up and down motion (wave like) motion sew a running stitch through every hole. Stagger several rows of different colour threads to create a jazzy chevron style boarder. The more contrasting the colours, the better the effect!

Now using cross stitch, fill in the main body of the case with stripes.

Work in rows, wrapping the long ends of your threads around the case to keep them from tangling as you work. To finish a colour and change your thread, sew into the back of the last stitch over and over a couple of times. Try to keep it neat!

It might be worth drawing out your design on a piece of paper before you begin sewing… and trim back all long threads at the end.

Happy stitching.

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