A Q&A with Catherine Grimaldi

27 Feb

Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing you to the fabulous Super+Super tutors. First up is our regular kids club tutor/textiles/illustration extraordinaire, Catherine Grimaldi…

Tell us a little bit about you…

I am a high flying, lo tech artist and illustrator making children’s books and artworks.

I studied Puppetry, Illustration and Textiles at Central St Martins and combine these artforms to make fabric illustrations. Also one half of TheSistersGrim where I work with my real life sister to create pop-up installations using puppets, fabrics and story worlds – juggling and jigging inherited skills from our namesake “Joseph Grimaldi” the clown.

Where do you draw the inspiration for your work from?

I have always loved snoopy and peanuts cartoons – these are a major influence and also mid century children’s books, fabrics and animation.

What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Kind, happy, funny

How do you take your tea?

Steeped but never stewed – milk but not milky.

What encouraged you to get into your industry and what was your route into it?

I always drew snoopy cartoons as I child and my parents gave us endless time and space to be creative as children on the Isle of Wight.

I left the Isle of Wight when I was just 17 for the heady heights of Harlesden where I got a job in High St Kensington and in the following September was at Art College studying on a course with Grayson Perry’s Mrs. I had a puppet making company with my sister and we travelled across Eastern Europe to study the craft – then skipped onto an MA at Central St Martins through the back door.

How do you like your eggs?

Flipped…preferably by Snoopy…even better in a pancake.

Who are some of your favourite designers/artists/illustrators/authors?

Outsider artists across the world – Children – Yoshitomo Nara – Grayson Perry – Tove Janson – Sara Fanelli -Yayoi Kusama – Frida Kahlo – Charles Schultz

What would your dream outfit be?

A snoopy costume

What can the public expect from your upcoming kids classes at Super+Super?

Colour ,fabrics , scissors, tapes – a toolbox of surprises. Chaotic from the outside – super organized from the inside. A space to be truly creative and a supportive and experienced teacher who’s been working in schools for 12 years.

What’s your favourite cake?

How can anyone have the one? If I have to choose I would say a homemade chocolate cake like my friend Judy’s mum used to make when I was 7 years old

How would you spend your perfect day in our fair city?

Cycling, sea, tea, and kisses – followed by a turn on the waltzer.

 Tell us about any exciting new projects you are planning for 2012..

A couple of new children’s books in the pipeline and a host of projects including snail puppets, shadow shows and as many tea parties in between.

Catherine’s super kids classes will be held every Saturday of the month between 10.30-12noon and you can find out more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/299801033407055/

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