Facebook – The pros and cons

16 Feb

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone you know is on Facebook now. But just how useful is it? Is it just a procrastination tool or is it actually quite destructive? Want to know what we think? Then read on…

In situations like this it call’s for one thing, and one thing only. A pro’s and con’s list.


You can de tag photos that you look hideous in and only leave the nice ones on.

It really is the easiest way to stay in the loop with all your friends, new and old.

That little red notification number always fills you will a little bit of joy. (No matter how much you say that it doesn’t)

There will always be someone to chat to if you’re feeling bored.

It is the best procrastination tool ever.

It’s good for events where you need to know numbers/remind people about dates and times etc. Birthdays, House parties, Engagement parties and the like…

On the outside world you will always appear to be having the best time – unless you like to moan on there of course…


You have to detag photos that you look hideous in

Ex boyfriend/girlfriend stalking.

Everyone knows everything about everyone

Sneaks – there’s people in your friends list who never EVER post anything but don’t forget about them. Those are the people that are watching your every move.

The dreaded ‘morning after’ when you vaguely remember posting something drunkenly and you awake to about 12 notifications.

It’s widely known that Facebook is used to brag. i.e. Expect news of job promotions, upcoming nuptials and sprogs. Best to avoid if you are bitter about not having achieved those things yet.

Mums on Facebook. Enough said…

So basically the conclusion is that if you are a bit bored, need some entertaining and a bit of a pick me up then Facebook is the way to go. Just avoid all exes pages and posting while intoxicated yeah?

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