What we’re wearing…Week 1

6 Feb

Each week us Super+Super gals will be putting our own little spin on Vogues ‘Today I’m Wearing‘ by showing you what trends we’re rocking that week. Notoriously known for ‘freestyle’ outfits, you never know what we’re going to pull out of the bag. It’s literally like a fashion lucky dip. Yet you don’t get a prize. Sorry about that…

So for the past week, we’ve been knee deep in vintage, sorting out our stock ready for our grand opening and as such Amy has embraced the tweeds and Claire has now decided to channel the 90’s and go all ‘Clarissa Explains it All’ on your asses. (Let’s face it, she was already resembling Blossom but this is totally next level…)


You’ll most likely be as happy as we are that Tweeds are no longer just residing in the countryside or amongst the ‘older gentlemen’. The heritage trend is even bigger this year then it was last year and little jackets like this one nipped in with a belt resemble a fab forties style. One key trend this season is mixing your prints and fabrics which is exactly what Amy is doing here. She has mixed the jacket with a tweed pencil skirt and a flash of colour to create a super cute little forties style ensemble that is bang on trend.


Whereas Amy is understated country chic, Claire is just all out 90’s. The 90s trend is MASSIVE this season and it’s set to continue all through the year. Technically 90’s doesn’t quite come under the ‘vintage’ category but it’s secondhand style at its very best. Think dungarees, oversized jumpers, crop tops and layering.

2 Responses to “What we’re wearing…Week 1”

  1. tomofholland February 6, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    What with my lanaphylic tendencies I’m loving the tweeds Amy is sporting, and the fab knit that gives Claire’s outfit an edge.

  2. Jennifer February 6, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

    Love the second outfit! Jen XOXO http://mystylisticlife.com http://www.mystylisticboutique.com

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