Super+Super Vintage picks

17 Jan

The weather is cold, the nights are bleak but we are still clinging on to our Spring/Summer wardrobes in the hope that the sunshine will stop deceiving us and actually warm us up.

With that in mind, here are our top vintage picks from our ASOS website this week. It’s all about the positive thinking people. If you think about the warm sun, it will come. At least that’s what we’re pretending anyway…

This pleated pink silky midi skirt is the perfect length for this season yet it’s pastel colour, which is oh so hot right now still makes you feel like you are not in the depths of winter. Team with a bright coloured top for a tutti-fruiti vibe.

We love this Harlequin print. We love the Missoni-esque feel. And what’s more, we LOVE that it’s woolen.

Wear a bright bold colour to instantly perk up your mood and make yourself feel sunny on the inside. Cute collars are everywhere right now so this one that slightly resembles a doily is just the ticket.

To get your hands on these picks or too browse of whole collection just click here.

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